March 20, 2021

Graphics card interest form

Welcome to our interest registration page.

UPDATE 8th APRIL 2021 – We have not been able to get any graphics cards for a week now, the supplies seem to have dried up somewhat. As soon as we can get more, we will contact you all in order

As I’m sure you’re aware, GPUs are hugely inflated in price at the moment and really hard to purchase in the UK with long wait times, or just no stock whatsoever. We have managed to get together with some known UK wholesalers, who will allow us to purchase a single card from each series, per week.

So, for example we can order 1 x 3060, 1 x 3070, 1 x 3080, 1 x 3090 per week for our entire customer base, not per customer that is interested

These items are available to purchase at our store, or we can accept payment over the internet via bank transfer, or debit/credit card payment over the phone. In the future we will modify our website to allow direct ordering.

This page is to put your name and number onto a list so that we can let you know when it is your turn to purchase an item from us, it does not obligate you to purchase, but once it is your turn in line we will email the top 10 interested in that model with pricing and card specs to confirm your interest. The first to respond to the email will be the one to be able to buy the item.

Items will either be shipped directly from our supplier, to you. Thank you for your interest, we would love to get as many cards to interested people as quickly as possible

Which card models can we get?
We are offered different models each day from our suppliers, we cannot CHOOSE what model unless they give us options. We will send out what the model is on the email when we offer the card to you

It’s difficult to give exact prices until it is your turn in line as we are given the prices on the day we are able to get more stock and as there are multiple variations of each card model the prices vary too.

Some example pricing: 26th March 2021:

ASUS GeForce RTX 3060 12GB TUF GAMING Ampere Graphics Card £585

MSI GeForce RTX 3070 SUPRIM 8GB Ampere Graphics Card £845

ASUS GeForce RTX 3090 24GB EKWB Ampere Graphics Card £2205

Some example pricing on 21st March 2021:

Gigabyte 3070 8GB Auros Master £759.99

PNY 3060 12GB Revel Epic-x Single Fan Ampere £519.99